Bill Murphy - SingularityU Washington D.C. Chapter Ambassador

Bill Murphy - SingularityU Washignton D.C. Chapter Ambassador

Bill is an entrepreneur, a prolific thinker and communicator.

He hosts a popular Redzone Podcast, where he interviews leaders who inspire him in the areas of Exponential Technologies, Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Thought Leadership, Enterprise IT Security, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Personal Development, and more. Among his many guests are Wim Hof, Pascal Finette, Frank Ahearn, and Chuck Blakeman. Bill's podcast was named among the Top Seven Podcasts for InfoSec Pros by Solutions Review.

He publishes educational articles and innovative ideas regularly in the RedZone Technologies blog. His articles have been published by the CIO Review, CIO Today and Enterprise Security Today.

Bill hosts the long-running CIO and ExO Mastermind Group which helps Information Technology executives to share expertise with peers, to build professional relationships, to learn about new (business innovation) developments and to expand leadership skills.

Bill is a D.C. area ambassador for Singularity University which explores how exponential technologies can solve the global grand challenges. He is a passionate advocate of living “A No-Limit Life”, a philosophy that defines both his personal and business life. Bill has a “black belt” in Tae Kwon Do, has competed in numerous Ironman and Half- Ironman competitions, walked on fire 7 times, learned how to survive 25 minutes in 38 degree water in Poland, spent a week with a world renowned Zen Teacher at a monastery in France, and successfully completed a week long survival school in Utah.